When looking closer...

...each flower has its own mood, each painting its own secret, each culture its own pulse.

Hello and welcome, my name is Anna and I am a Franco-Polish artist-illustrator. I like to observe what seems invisible at first glance and reveal it in light and color, through the magic of illustration.

Academically trained in Fine Arts in Poland and Japan, I followed my dreams by moving to Paris in 2013. My international journey, straddling three cultures, gives me a sensitive look at our differences as well as common loves.

Also passionate about the world of perfume and well-being, I studied Aromachology, the science of the influence of smells on our emotions.

The world of the 5 senses is a vast source of inspiration for my work.

My universe

In my illustrations I try to create dreamlike and mysterious atmospheres, which invite the viewer to dive into their feelings and live a moment out of time, like an inner journey.


My nostalgic Slavic soul has a certain weakness for mystical symbols and tales, wild nature and herbology.


The intuitive gesture is the basis of my drawings, it is what animates the characters and the stories.


I share my inspirations as little treasures from distant countries, to infuse my images with a sweet feeling of enchantment.

I believe that images have the power to transform the atmosphere of the room
and the energy of the observer.

Let's work together !

Want to bring a touch of magic or exotism to your projects ?

Let's discuss it and make the world more beautiful together, one image at a time. 🙂