When looking closer...

...each flower has its own mood, each painting its own secret, each culture its own pulse.

Hello and welcome, my name is Anna and I am a Franco-Polish artist-illustrator. I like to observe what seems invisible at first glance and reveal it in light and color, through the magic of illustration.

Immersed since childhood in the mysteries of the creative process, I am still studying with passion creativity coaching with the creator of the discipline, Eric Maisel.

Also fascinated by the world of perfume and well-being, I studied Aromachology, the science of the influence of smells on our emotions.

Let me introduce you to my creative world ...

My universe


My characters often represent different aspects of a woman : sensitive, powerful, spiritual, wild, sensual, … I am passionate about the symbols and archetypes that can be found in particular in the concept of the Divine Feminine.


Nature remains one of the greatest sources of inspiration in my drawings. I see it as magical, alive, in perpetual motion. I often start my visual work from an olfactory ritual (incense, essential oil, perfume, …)


I try to create dreamlike and mysterious atmospheres which give the viewer a feeling of harmony and serenity. One can find there elements of Asian inspiration which bring a sweet feeling of enchantment.

My journey

Warsaw. Tokyo. Paris.

I have always been drawn to the Arts (visual or not) and the “Unknown”.

Trained in Fine Arts in Poland and awarded for my graphic and cinematographic work, I had a chance to study for a year at the Tokyo University of The Arts in Japan. I was already exploring at the time, as a digital art major, the multisensory immersion offered by interactive techniques.

In 2013, I moved to Paris where I worked as an Art Director in an e-learning agency for interactive projects of big brands like Alaïa or Chanel.

Today, closer to Nature and my own nature, I still keep the desire for sensory immersion through smell, color and harmony while returning to more manual and intuitive graphic techniques.

I believe that images have the power to transform the atmosphere of the room
and the energy of the observer.

Let's work together !

Want to bring a feminine, botanical or poetic touch to your projects ?

Let's discuss it and make the world more beautiful together, one image at a time. 🙂