Create your own oracle deck !

Step-by-step advice and sources of inspiration to maintain an intimate dialogue with your soul

Do you like oracle cards?

In this book, find the best advice and methods accessible to everyone to bring your own oracle deck to life, whether you are a beginner or already a passionate artist. Step by step, you will be able to design beautifully illustrated and meaningful oracle cards and inspired accompanying texts.

The practical exercises that punctuate this book will allow you to discover yourself, develop your imagination and translate visually and through words your feelings and ideas.

Livre Créez votre oracle ! de Anna Niesler aux Editions Eyrolles
Dive with me into the heart of the process of creating an oracle deck and use your intuition and sensitivity to come out inspired, refreshed and proud to have created a magical tool that resembles you!

This book contains:

  • A complete method and practical and original advices
  • Sources of inspiration by theme
  • A dictionary of symbols
  • 44 detachable oracle cards (36 pre-sketched and 8 blank), to express your creativity freely
  • Examples of completed and commented cards
  • An interpretation booklet to enrich with your personal messages
  • 2 sheets of stickers to decorate your cards if you are not comfortable with drawing or color

Frequently asked questions

Why create your own oracle deck?

Several intentions can motivate the creation of a personal oracle deck.

The process of creating an oracle deck, in addition to being a stimulating and fun creative project, is a moment of deep introspection and self-expression.

Creating a personal oracle as I guide you to do in this book allows you to have a unique tool, which feels like you, for which you will have chosen to put the meaning that speaks to you the most on all the cards, making the cards even more effective in maintaining the connection with your soul.

I don't know oracles very well, is this a project for me?

Yes, of course!

The book is also designed as an excellent introduction to the world of oracles. As you read and build your deck, you will be able to learn and understand the mechanisms involved in the symbolism of an image, which will even give you the keys to better read and interpret the images of other oracles cards.

Do I have to know how to draw?

No at all ! No need to know how to draw to get started in this oracle deck creation project.

It’s a personal project, there’s no pressure to make something perfect. I have already pre-sketched 36 cards that you just have to complete with your symbols, your words or the stickers provided at the end of the book.

You can also treat the cards as a simple coloring exercise.

To whom can we offer the book "Create your own oracle deck!" as a gift?

The book “Create your own oracle deck!” is a beautiful gift, between a creative project and a personal development book, it guarantees a rich adventure to whoever will embark on the creation of his oracle.

All ages (perhaps from 14 years old) are concerned and can benefit from this introspective and creative adventure.

If you have more questions

Please feel free to ask me here.

Examples of cards

Here are 3 examples of completed cards that you will find with my comments and explanations in the book:

Completed card
Completed card
Completed card
Sketch version
Sketch version
Completed card
Completed card
Completed card
Sketch version
Sketch version
Completed card
Completed card
Completed card
Sketch version
Sketch version
In the book, I guide you through the different graphic choices
so you can make the sketches your own and create meaningful personal cards.

Read an excerpt from the book (FR)

Reader notice

Amazon Review

This is for me the best book on this subject!

“The author guides us through a simple method, with supporting examples, to create an oracle deck that looks like us. Set your intention before creation, choose a theme, work on the composition of each card, write the interpretation booklet… everything is detailed with precision.

We feel guided and confident to embark on this adventure. Detachable cards allow you to get started while having a base. It’s up to us to add color, details, symbols and secret messages to make the card unique and vibrant for our future draws.

I really recommend this book, the author did a great job!”

Chloé BONFILL – Author and Youtuber

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The original french version is published by Eyrolles publishing house.

Please contact me if you would like to give this project a wider audience abroad.